TCL VIP Lounge

Enjoy the luxuries of Hollywood with the TCL Chinese Theatre VIP Lounge.

The intimate, sleek surroundings, hi-tech sound system & plush seats contribute to a modern atmosphere perfect for any event. Guests receive a beautiful bird’s-eye view of the famous Grauman’s Ballroom. For more privacy, this opulent lounge can be blocked off, allowing your guests to escape into an exclusive world of your making.

In this lavish lounge, the private concessions service give your guests the chance to indulge in premium quality food and drinks. For guests 21 & over, a full bar is available. The TCL VIP Lounge is also equipped with its own restroom facilities, so your guests never have to leave the luxury experience.

This space is available to rent for private events. If you would like to host an event in the TCL VIP Lounge, email Lisa Ha at lisa@chinesetheatres.comcreate new email.

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